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Transport resenja

Module for international transport, which we have specially developed for transport companies, is vertical solution integrated with other parts of ERP (sales, purchase, operations, resources, general ledger...).

With this module you could:

  • Effectively manage enterprise resources (vehicles, drivers, license) and have access to availability resource in time
  • Follow sales process, from loading orders to issuing outgoing invoices
  • Create travel orders and have insight in their status and relation with resources, make calculation and posting daily travelling allowance and other costs
  • Control fuel consumption by travel orders (comparison of real consumption with the norm)
  • Easily create reports about using resources, for example CEMT licenses
  • Receive alert about expiration of licenses, registrations, white certificates, technical inspection, calibration of tachographs, etc.
  • Analyze the profitability of operations (for own transport and transport brokerage) with help of precise and efficient cost distributions

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