Navion Consulting Company was founded in December 2010. in Belgrade.

We provide professional services in consulting, implementation, training, development and customer support for integrated business solutions.

Our team consists of certified consultants with wide experience in various fields of information technology, gained in many projects and companies.

Years of experience in various business areas combined with advanced knowledge about products of implementation, using over the years improved methodologies with a special approach to each client, has been resulted in a large number of successful projects.

Core of our business activity is focused on Microsoft Dynamics business solutions and its integration with other business solutions on Microsoft and other platforms.

Business strategy

Our core value is customer satisfaction. This can only be achieved  with complete dedication to their needs, requirements and expectations.

Our goal is to provide quality services and find optimal solutions in order to respond all customer requirements. Nowadays, it’s possible to accomplish only with continuous employees improvement and being up to date with new trends and information technologies.

Our pleasure is that quality of our services made us recognizable in the market in a very short time.


Services in the diagnostic phase

The aim of this phase is to give the client the best proposal on how to change its existing information system in order to reach the desired results.

The result should be a proposal for solutions, a bid and a forward plan for the proposed solution. Within this phase, depending on the complexity of the system being analyzed, various activities such as:

  • Defining a user’s business process document
  • Reviewing the functionality of existing software in use with users
  • Analysis of already defined business procedures (if any), supported by the existing IS and how much they are applied in practice
  • Examine the existing IT infrastructure


Services in the implementation phase

Implementation starts with the signing of a contract in which the scope of the project is precisely defined, and ends with the release of the system (or part of the system) into operation.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, the implementation method can be significantly different. Some standard activities during implementation are:

  • Analysis of differences and compliance of MS Dynamics solutions with user needs (GAP / FIT analysis)
  • Customizing software products to specific client needs
  • Integration with other software solutions in use
  • General and advanced training of users
  • Migration and consolidation of data from old systems


Services in the exploitation phase 

Companies are changeable systems, passing through various life cycles, changing business priorities. This  affect with different requirements and expectations from information system, so implemented business solution has to answer on these demands.

The implemented business solution must respond to these change requests. After completion of the implementation we provide the following services:

  • Customer support
  • Adjustment of the system to the changes in the company that was created after the start of exploitation (new business processes, expansion of the business)
  • Upgrade – replacing the existing version of the software solution with a newer version.

Company management