We would like to introduce special upgrade for companies with construction projects as core activity.

Offer preparation – Since the supply can have a hundred positions (bill of quantities) there is enabled flexible input position in offer. Positions can be imported from Excel or entered directly into the system. For same positions (same works specification) you can have more sales price in different price lists and in the offer you can choose price list which you want.

Specification of consumption – For each position from bill of quantities can be entered planned specification of costs (working hours by type of work, materials, equipment, subcontractor’s price if any participate in project). If it’s not feasible to specified cost for each position, you can enter estimated consumption for whole offer. At the moment when the offer is given we have complete calculation and report about planned job profitability.

Monitoring realization on building sites – If you have successfully made a deal, then follows complex part of its realization which can last several months. And for this we offer flexible solutions depending of type and duration of project. Realization can be monitored over work order or through specially designed carnet for building sites which can be imported in central database. Evidence of realization is on two levels: recording percentage of finished position from offer (evidence of performed works) and what resources were used for realization of this positions (consumed material, working hours for workers, used machinery). During posting, incoming invoices from subcontractors can be directly linked to the project.

Resource allocation and monitoring of utilization – For effective organization of building site, we need to know what resources we have and their availability in time. Also, we need information about resource interchangeable so we can act promptly in case of bottleneck, for example machinery lease for a certain period… Analyzes about utilization of particular resources are also available.

Billing of services – Based on the acclaimed works by the supervisors, services can be billing through invoice document, or as interim certificate or final certificate of payment, with specification. Client choose the way of billing for each project.

Project profitability – To calculate more accurate profit per project, besides direct costs there can be join and indirect costs of project, distributed by different keys (for example, amortization cost of mechanization, cost of working hours management team, cost of administration etc.).

Project status – Each project is monitored, its status, responsible person, start date, end date and other information, that all is representing project ID. Also, statistics about project that were not realized and reasons for withdrawal (e.g., lost tender) can be taken. For project like this, without income, cost can be tracked, e.g. purchase of tender documentation, working hours of project team for bid preparation.