California Sped

California Sped is company with years of experience in International transport and forwarding. They have their own custom warehouse equipped to the latest standard. Besides international road transport, company is specialized for marine, air and rail transport. Planned further growth of the company and increasing volume and complexity of the business is opened as necessity implementation of the new and modern information system. The solution is based on ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, where are in addition to the basic system functionality developed special modules for international transport, managing of public customs warehouse and invoicing of freight services.

Transport sector is covering processes such as:

  • Tracking of sales process, from offer over shipping orders to the issuing of sales invoice
  • Creating of travel orders and have insight in their status and relation with resources
  • Calculation and posting daily travelling allowance and other travel costs
  • Analysis profitability of operations and vehicles, control of fuel consumption

Managing public customs warehousing, besides warehouse documents also enabled generating invoices for handling of goods and storage services.